The Good Lecture

Course description

The Good Lecture is an elective course in the qualifying program in teaching and learning in higher education at Lund University. The course is intended primarily for academic teachers with experience lecturing and it is an advantage if you take the course during a period when you have lectures of your own. Teachers who meet these criteria are given priority for space in the course, but all teachers are welcome.

A large proportion of academic teaching is in the form of lectures. This has advantages and disadvantages, some of which we explore in the course. We also look at different approaches to giving and evaluating lectures. As a participant in the course you will deepen your understanding of the lecture as a teaching method and gain practical experience developing your own lectures.

The workload on the course equals two or three week of full-time work (40 hrs/week).

Application closes 2021-02-21.

For more information see this side at LTH.

Scheduled Course Meetings 2021

Tue 9 mars  kl 13.15-17 
Wed 10 mars kl 13.15-17
Tue 13 april kl 13.15-17 (online)
Wed 14 april kl 13.15-17 
Tue 20 april kl 13.15-17 (online)
Tue 18 maj kl 13.15-17 (online)

Setting: LTH Studiecentrum, room Pepparholm at the upper floor 


Roy Andersson, Universitetslektor vid Datavetenskap/LTH och Genombrottet/LTH.

Jennifer Löfgreen, Universitetsadjunkt vid Genombrottet/LTH och AHU/HT.



Language: Swedish

Scope:  2 or 3 weeks

Charge for admission: Lund University teachers 9.500 SEK 


Application closes 2021-02-21

Submit your application to your faculty contact

Teachers from LTH submit your application via LTHs kurssida.

Those who are not members of any of the faculties below apply to Lina Andersson, AHU, 046-222 39 00. 

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