Division for Higher Education Development

The Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology | Lund University

Courses autumn 2019

Lund university's employment act requires at least five weeks of course work for academic positions. This requirement is met by taking Teaching and learning in higher education followed by Course design in higher education. Doctoral students, who teach, are required at least the first of these courses. For an overview of the yearly cycle for these courses see link.

Teaching and learning in higher education (2 weeks) is available in three versions: in English at 70% study pace, in Swedish at 50% study pace, and in English blended (web/campus) at 15% study pace. The course can be extended from two to three weeks (should be stated when you register with your faculty contact) by means of an auscultation, implementation/evaluation or a seminar on teaching and learning. Doctoral students should check with their study director and supervisors before applying for the extra week.

Course design in higher education (3 weeks) also exists in three versions. In English at 30% study pace, in Swedish at 30% study pace and in English blended (web/campus) at 15% study pace.

In autumn 2019 AHU also arranges Doctoral supervision and Open Networked Learning, and a few courses in Swedish (generally you have to be able to read Swedish and grasp spoken Swedish - often you can use English in discussions and assignments): Lärarrollen i högre utbildning and Den goda föreläsningen.