Courses autumn 2021

Lund university's employment act requires at least five weeks of course work for academic positions. This requirement is met by taking Teaching and learning in higher education followed by Course design in higher education. Doctoral students who teach are required at least the first of these courses.

AHU:s courses in English are concentrated to the autumn semester, although two courses extends over Christmas, to spring. For the courses in Swedish, English is generally accepted in workshop discussions and for assignments, but participants have to be able to both read Swedish and grasp spoken Swedish in order to meet course requirements.

COVID and our courses

The Swedish version of the introductory course (Lärarrollen i Högre Utbildning) is wholly campus-based , while the English version (Teaching and Learning in Higher Education) will be provided as an online course (including Zoom meetings). The English continuation course (Course design in Higher education) is offered as a blended course, combining campus meetings and online activities. Our fall course offerings also include the courses Doctoral supervision (campus) and Open Networked Learning (online). All campus-based teaching will be changed to online if the COVID situation requires.

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