Teaching and learning in higher education

Teaching and learning in higher education (Lärarrollen i högre utbildning) is open to teachers, and staff with teaching assignments, at Lund University. The course is based on the framework for qualifications provided by The Association of Swedish Higher Education (SUHF). It equals two weeks of fulltime work, i.e. 80 hours that can be translated to three higher education credits. Alternatively, participants can sign up for an extended version that also includes an extra individual project that is worth one week and should be completed within 6 months after the end-date of the two-week course. Teaching and learning in higher education is an introductory course that it is normally required for the subsequent Course design in higher education. Apart from scheduled hours, the course comprises online activities and individual work, such as reading and assignments. In case of absence (however, not more than 20 %), compensatory assignments are provided. Language: Swedish. 


In order to receive a course certificate, attendance and active participation in all parts of the course is required, as well as passed assignments. In the event that a course participant does not complete a course within specified time limits, all course components must be submitted within three years of commencement in order for a course certificate to be issued.

Entry requirements

The course is open to employees at Lund University. It requires no previous course work on teaching and learning.

Course literature

Will be provided by the course leaders

Course instructors

Maria Larsson
Sara Håkansson


Language: Swedish

two alternative three weeks

Location: O104, MNO-huset, 09:15-16:00

Charge for admission
7800 kronor/2 weeks
8800 kronor/3 weeks.

Participants: 24

Maria Larsson and
Sara Håkansson

Apply no later than 21 September 2021.

Submit your application to your faculty contact. 

Employees at the faculty of social sciences apply here.

Those who are not members of any of the faculties above apply to Lina Andersson. 


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