Digitalization of education - what is it all about

May 28, 2021, 1.15 pm.-3.45 pm on Zoom (link will be shared after registration)

We will kick off the seminar series with a broad session that opens up for a variety of question related to the digitalization of education. Examples of questions that may appear at this introductory seminar:

  • What does digitalization of education promise?
  • If digitalization of education is the solution, then what is the problem?
  • Ethical aspects of digitalization of education
  • How does digitalization of education change the way we teach and learn?
  • The role of digitalization of education in the overall societal development
  • Can we learn something/anything from the pandemic crisis? Is this the “new normal”?
  • Who benefits from the digitalization of education?
  • What (f)actors drive the digitalization of education? 

The seminar will we introduced by two keynote speakers: Neil Selwyn, Monash University, Australia ( and Lina Rahm, The Posthumanities Hub, KTH, Sweden ( Neil Selwyn’s research interest includes topics such as the use of digital technologies in educational settings, digital technology and social exclusion, and digital technology and its role in everyday life, Lina Rahm’s research has, among other things, studied the genealogy of the “digital citizen” with a particular focus on adult education.

To register for the seminar (before May 21), go to:

Please feel free to reach to us at peter.svenssonfek.luse if you have any questions. We are looking forward to seeing you at the seminar.

Marita Ljungqvist, Division for Higher Education Development, Lund University

Sinikka Neuhaus, Department of Educational Sciences, Lund University

Anders Sonesson, Division for Higher Education Development, Lund University

Peter Svensson, School of Economic and Management and Division for Higher Education Development, Lund University

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