Drop-in workshops about Zoom

Come and learn (more) about teaching/meeting with Zoom!

This past year has for many of us meant that a large portion of the work is done via Zoom. We have a variety of workshops about how you can use Zoom for different aspects of your work. All workshops are held in English unless everyone understands Swedish.

The basic course "Drop-in workshop about meeting/teaching with Zoom" will tell you how to log in properly, set up meetings, manage your settings and handle controls in meetings.

Next step, "Drop-in workshop: interactive meeting/teaching in Zoom", is about how you can create interaction in meetings and teaching. We take a look at some tools for this, e.g. Padlet and Mentimeter.

Are you planning to hold a webinar or considering whether to use your regular Zoom Meeting license or request a Zoom Webinar license? Join "Drop-in workshop: webinar via Zoom". You will get an overview of the options available depending on specifically what it is you want to do and we'll discuss what serves you best.

Zoom is currently also used for proctoring exams. "Drop-in workshop: monitoring students' exams via Zoom" is for you who plan or manage exams, or are a proctor. We look at comprehensive as well as practical handling issues.

All workshops are advertised here: https://www.education.lu.se/en/calendar?category=15.

No registration, just drop-in! Connect a few minutes before - the meeting will be locked when the workshop commences.

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