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E-meetings in Zoom

Zoom is here!

Now, staff teaching distance learning or blended courses, or running travel-free meetings, will be able to work in a new, more modern and user-friendly tool for e-meetings on their own computers. The new tool is called Zoom and will be used by many other higher education institutions in Sweden via Sunet – exactly like Adobe Connect.

The tool has been used quite a lot, for example on the course Open Networked Learning here at AHU (Lund University’s Division for Higher Education Development), and both teaching staff and end users report that it is easy to get going and that the technology, such as audio and video, works very well. 

Create an account

In order to create an account, go to Please note, if you have used Zoom before, you will have to switch account to LU Zoom, but you are guided by Zoom throughout the process. If you need assistance, please contact us.

Collaborations & dialogue at LU

In the project, AHU will cooperate and dialogue with organisations such as the IT unit at the Faculties of Humanities and Theology, LDC, Lund University Libraries, the library and ICT at the Faculty of Medicine, Disability Support Services and the Academic Support Centre and the system administrators for related systems such as learning platforms (LUVIT, Live@Lund, Moodle or Blackboard). This is part of shared processes and collaboration for the development of well-functioning digital learning environments at LU.  

Virtual Meetings in Public Agencies, a project advocating travel-free meetings in Swedish public authorities, have issued guidelines "A ten steps tutorial to making virtual meetings an integrated part of your organization’s meeting culture. (PDF)" Have a look!


Take part of the videostudio's workshops and sign up here.

Massive webinar

Would you like to have a session in Zoom with more than 100 persons? It is doable! Zoom has a build in functionality for webinars with more than 500 participants. 

For more information, please contact videostudioahu.luse


LU Servicedesk

Phone: 046-222 90 00


Opening hours: Monday-Friday at 8-17.00

You can register your own support issues here at LU Servicedesk

Zoom Chat

Zoom has an excellent support via chat (open 24/7). You will find it on Zooms page for support

Welcome Feedback!

We welcome any feedback on how LU Zoom works - Zoom is new to us at LU and at universities all over Sweden! Please share your experiences with us. 

Lotta Åbjörnsson (pro tem. system manager) 

Staffan Lindström (Media specialist)