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LU play closes down on May 31, 2021!

LU play closes down on May 31 2021 for everyone except the Faculty of Law. If you have videos in LU play, you need to transfer them to Studio urgently. All material left in LUplay after May 31 will be erased. Here are guides telling you how to download video from LU play, and how to upload video to Studio. Do you have or plan to make new videos? Upload them to Studio. Avoid using LUplay, use Studio from now on.


Studio is the video platform to use instead of LU play. Studio is integrated in Canvas, but available for everyone with a Lucat-ID. You can easily record, publish, and share video through Studio in Canvas. And to top it off, Studio has an easy-to-use and excellent automatic captioning function!

You can find more information about Studio on the web for Teaching and learning online, and in this self-study course in Canvas.

Nicolette Karst (temp. system manager)
+46 46 222 33 39

Problems or questions? Contact servicedeskluse

Video in your LMS

You can create, upload and share videos in the Learning Management Systems Moodle at the Faculty of Medicine, and Blackboard at the Faculty of Law. Each LMS has support via LU Servicedesk and has a contact person and their own learning resources that are specific for the digital learning environment, see below.

The LMS Canvas has a built-in video tool, Studio. You can use Studio even if you have another LMS. Find more information and an introduction to Studio in a self-study course in Canvas Studio - Get started with video in Canvas and through online workshops via Zoom.

LU play in Moodle (Faculty of Med.)

LU Servicedesk Phone 046-222 90 00 servicedeskluse Opening hours: Monday - Friday at 8-17:00 Please quote LU play in Moodle at the Faculty of Medicine For more information on how to use LU play in Moodle, please contact Magnus Hovde, +46 46 222 18 81
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