Get started with Zoom

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Zoom support  

log in

Go to and log in with your LUCAT-id

Getting started

join a meeting

Click on the link in the in invitation. If it is the first time you will need to download and install the launcher of zoom.

How do I join a meeting

create a new meeting

Go to and log in with your LUCAT-id. Click on host meeting in the upper right corner of the window.

How do I schedule a meeting

Invite  participants

You can post the link in Canvas/LMS, send it via email or invite participants from within the meeting.

How do I invite others to join?

Set up audio or video

Start the meeting, choose Audio options in the drop down list next to your microphone button.

Test video

Test Audio

Record and publish my session  

You can record your  session locally and for instance upload it to your learning environment via Canvas Studio or LU play (Kaltura).  

How to record with Zoom

Manage my participants/attendees

As a host you have extended controls (more buttons) in the participant field for making co-host, renaming or removing etc.

SeeMeeting controls

Create break-out sessions  

A possibility to divide your participants into smaller groups

Managing video breakout rooms

Interacting with participants

Chat with my participants

You can use instant chat with all or with specific participants during your session

In-Meeting Chat

Take notes, write together   

Use Google docs or box notes  for collaborative writing – share the link with the participants via the chat window.

Share my screen (with a presentations)

You can use the share screen feature (see meeting controls) to share applications, windows or even your ipad/iphone with your participants

Sharing your screen

Annotate on something I am sharing

The share screen feature also contains the possibility to annotate on whatever is shared in your meeting session.

Sharing your screen

Share a whiteboard  

You can share a whiteboard from the share screen menu.  

Sharing your screen

How do I use Whiteboard

Share a file

You can send files to participants during a session. The function needs to be activated under profile settings and will there after be found in the chat area under more.

In- meeting file transfer

Share a link

Easiest is to copy and paste the link to the participants in the chat window.

In-Meeting Chat

Engage my participants with voting

You can add polling to your meetings. First you need to activate the function within your profile settings and from there you go tomeetings and add your polls.   You can also use an external tool such as Mentimeter.

Polling for meetings

Share a a link to an external voting tool in the chat area(In-meeting chat)

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