Information about Zoom's capacity

When all universities go online...

...heavy demands are made on our systems

At the end of week 11/2020, many colleagues at 96 higher education institutions all over the Nordic region came up with the same brilliant idea - to teach via Zoom. This resulted in major difficulties - it was impossible to start or join meetings and the breakout rooms function failed. Since then, NORDUnet and Zoom have been busy improving capacity so it is now many times greater. Still (August 2021), at times, especially start of term, there are many meetings taking place concurrently. Hence we recommend the following:

  • always plan for communication through more than one channel (e-mail/learning platform/other course sites)
  • instead of taking a chance with synchronous lecturing, record your lecture and make it available to students, with reading recommendations and powerpoint presentations (also from a pedagogical viewpoint a better solution!)
  • invite students to a shorter live session for discussion and answering their questions from the material they have worked with.

It looks as though most meetings are held (i.e. greatest load put on the system) between 10 am and 1 pm. After that it descends to a comfortable level around 3 pm. From this follows that very important meetings should preferably be scheduled outside of these times.

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