More Zoom!

Different possibilities with Zoom!

In your ordinary Zoom meeting, up to 300 persons can attend with the option to use web camera and microphone. The creator of the meeting will be Host but can add colleagues within LU as Alternative hosts. The creator will always be made Host when entering the meeting. As a host, you can decide whether to give participants access to webcam and microphone or not. You can also let participants share screen in the meeting - or not. What you have no rule over is exactly what each participant sees on her/his screen - if you share a presentation everyone will see it but each participant will be able to switch between screens on own computer. For meetings with up to 500 participants LU has a number of licenses - get in touch if you need to use this. The functionality is the same as for our ordinary meetings. Zoom also offers a Webinar function. Our licenses allow up to 500 participants and an opportunity for a panel of up to 100 persons with webcam and microphone, while the functionality for participants is limited to a Q&A-function for asking questions. If you need to reserve one of these, do it here.
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