Teach online (CoVid-19 backup plan)

Rearranging (some) teaching in the near future due to the CoVid-19 virus situation - here are some things you can do

Think about how your teaching can be rearranged due to the CoVid-19 virus outbreak. It is perfectly possible to record your lectures and make them accessible through Studio in Canvas, have discussions and small group activities via Zoom. Below you find different options for keeping your teaching going while the university is closed.

1. Teach online

Version 1 - synchronous teaching

  • video meeting/conference via Zoom on your own computer (see guide).
  • enable students to ask questions or collaborate online (set up a Padlet), as a preparation or during/after meeting.
  • use Breakout sessions for discussions (guide here).

Version 2 - asynchronous teaching

  • record your presentation and let students watch via Studio in Canvas.
  • ask questions to start a discussion or for reflection, let students respond (in groups) or set up a quiz  so students can check whether they have grasped the key points.

Version 3 - move teaching entirely to learning platform (Canvas)

  • upload instructions for e.g. group work on a page, perhaps as a short video.
  • let students discuss in groups.
  • students can produce texts, sound recordings or videos and upload to the platform.

2. Cancellations/teacher ill

  • notify students via announcement in learning platform.
  • ideally, supplement this with an assignment to work on, why not use peer review.

Do you need help, inspiration, good advice? Get in touch with us! Zoom: Lotta Åbjörnsson, Studio: Nicolette Karst, Canvas: canvaseducation.luse

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