Avdelningen för högskolepedagogisk utveckling

Humanistiska och teologiska fakulteterna | Lunds universitet

Teaching and learning in higher education

This course is part of the compulsory qualifying teacher training and open to all faculties at Lund University. The course serves as an introduction to learning and teaching in higher education for teachers on all academic levels – from PhD-students to professors – with no formal training in this area. The workload on the course equals two weeks of full-time work (i.e. 80 hours) with a possibility to add a third week. For doctoral students the course is evaluated to ECTS credits by your faculty.

Scheduled meetings:

4 September, 9.00-16.00, O104

5 September, 9.00-16.00, O104

11 September, 9.00-16.00, O104

19 September, 9.00-16.00, O104

3 October, 9.00-16.00, O104

The meetings take place at AHU, MNO-huset, Sölvegatan 16, Lund.

See Syllabus (PDF)

Practical information (PDF)


Maria Larsson, AHU

Sara Håkansson, AHU


Language: English

Scope: The workload on the course equals two/three weeks of full-time work. For doctoral students the course is evaluated to ECTS credits by your faculty.

Charge for admission: Lund University teachers: 2 weeks 7.800 SEK / 3 weeks 8.800 SEK

Application: Apply no later than 3 June 2019 by way of the educational coordinator or equivalent person at your faculty. Those who are not members of any of the faculties below apply to Lina Andersson. 


School of Economics and Management 
Jeanette Ströberg, 046-222 34 34

Faculties of Humanities and Theology 
Hege Markussen, 046-222 77 35

Faculty of Law 
Jenny Lindskog, 046-222 10 04

Faculty of Fine & Performing Arts
Hans Hellsten, 040-32 54 88

Faculty of Engineering
Lisbeth Tempte, 046-222 31 22

Faculty of Medicine 
Annika Diehl, 046-222 19 90

Faculty of Science
Hanna Hallgren, 046-222 44 24

Faculty of Social Sciences
Lovisa Eriksson, 046-222 43 65

Lina Andersson, 046-222 39 00