Teaching and learning – Extension

Teaching and Learning – Extension is open to teachers and staff with teaching assignments at Lund University. The course is based on the framework for qualifications provided by the Association of Swedish Higher Education (SUHF). It equals one week of fulltime work, i.e. 40 hours, corresponding to one and a half higher education credits.

Teaching and Learning - Extension is a project course that requires completion of the introductory Teaching and Learning in Higher Education course.

The course is comprised by an individual project including planning, reading, executing the project, followed by the writing of a reflective report in English or a Scandinavian language. 

Learning outcomes 

The course aims to give the participant the opportunity to develop as an academic teacher in a Swedish higher education context. In order to pass the course, the participant should, in writing, have demonstrated the ability to

•    reflect upon and problematise student learning in the context of a higher education teaching and learning activity, using relevant theories and research

•    discuss experiences from education and teaching using well-grounded arguments

Course outline

The course is comprised of individual work on a pedagogical project.  The participant chooses one of the following assignments: 

•                    An auscultation

•                    An investigation into student learning

•                    Implementation and evaluation of a teaching and learning activity

•                    Arranging a seminar on teaching and learning

Every year, there are two possible time slots for submission of the written report per email to the course leaders. The slots for this fall are:
6 - 19 November 2023 
6 - 20 May 2024 

The course starts online 11 September 2023. 


In order to receive a course certificate, the report must be assessed and passed. In the event that a course participant does not complete a course within specified time limits, all course components must be submitted within three years of commencement in order for a course certificate to be issued.  In the event that a module participant does not complete a module within specified time limits, all module components must be submitted within three years of commencement in order for a certificate to be issued.

Course description: 

Open the course decription here (PDF, 205 kB, new tab)


Nicolette Karst and Karin Steen


About the course

Language: English

Scope:The workload on the course equals one week of full-time work. For doctoral students the course is evaluated to ECTS credits by your faculty.

Charge for admission:
1.200 SEK


Apply no later than June 8, 2023.

Submit your application to your faculty contact.

Those who are not members of any of the faculties above apply to Lina Andersson, AHU, 046-222 39 00.

Priority is given to employees within LU, but external applicants can be accepted subject to availability. Notification of availability can be given no earlier than one week after the application deadline. Note: private individuals cannot be invoiced for course costs.

The number of participants is limited to 24.

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