Course design in higher education – blended course

Please note that due to the COVID-19 restrictions, all meetings in this course will be held online, via Zoom. Instructions and links will be published on the course web platform at course start.

Course design in higher education is open to teachers, and staff with teaching assignments, at Lund University. It builds on the course Teaching and learning in higher education (or the previous Learning and teaching in HE, LATHE, or similar courses). Participants will be able to increase their understanding of student learning and course design, and become more familiar with literature and research on teaching and learning in higher education. Furthermore, participants will be able to discuss their own teaching as well as analyse and plan teaching in conjunction with assignments. The course equals three weeks of fulltime work, i.e. 120 hours, that can be translated to 4.5 higher education credits (translation and reporting to Ladok is done at your faculty). Besides the scheduled meetings, the course comprises online activities and individual/group work such as reading and written assignments and group assignments. In the case of absence (however, not more than 20 %), compensatory assignments are provided.

Please note that all participants need to prepare a short (1 page) proposal/outline for the course project that should be uploaded on the course platform during the first week of the course.

A central activity of the course is to plan and develop a present course at your department. The course might be one where you are currently involved as a teacher or one you will give in the future. We recommend that you discuss your choice with the director of studies and/or the course coordinator, so that you can contribute to teaching and learning at your department.

Participants from the Faculty of social sciences are also required to attend a faculty-specific event, “Generic skills and pedagogical merits”, that is held by the faculty 1/12 kl 09.00-15.00. Responsible: Elin Bommenel and Anna Pettersson. The workshop focuses on what a university teacher employed at the Faculty of Social Sciences is expected to know in the ares of pedagogical merits, generic skills within an academic context, and their research based foundations. We encourage participants to reflect upon what this knowledge may imply for their everyday practice and to get to know representatives for the faculty libraries and its pedagogical academy. 

Note! Being present at the first course meeting is mandatory in order to follow the course. This meeting can not be compensated for by makeup-tasks. 



Language: English

Scope: The workload on the course equals three weeks of full-time work. For doctoral students the course is evaluated to ECTS credits by your faculty. 

The course starts on the web 13 September and ends 4 March 2022.

Compulsory meetings

6/10 9:15-12:00

10/11 9:15-12:00

9/2 9:15-12:00

Meetings will be held via Zoom.

Participants from the Faculty of social sciences are also required to attend a faculty-specific event, “Generic skills and pedagogical merits”, that is held by the faculty 1/12, 09:00-15:00, Responsible: Elin Bommenel and Anna Pettersson.


The number of participants is limited to 40.

Charge for admission 

Lund University teachers

9.900 SEK 

Teachers: Johanna Bergqvist Rydén, Marita Ljungqvist & Katarina Mårtensson.

Application: You apply no later than 9 June 2021. 

Submit your application to your faculty contact. 

Employees at the faculty of social sciences apply here.

Those who are not members of any of the faculties above apply to Lina Andersson. 

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