Doctoral supervision

The course is open for staff at Lund university who supervise, or will supervise, doctoral students. Supervisors outside Lund university can also apply provided their students are admitted to doctoral education at Lund university. The course meets Lund university's requirement for supervisor training and is equivalent of the courses for prospective docents given at LTH and the Faculty of science. The course is given in English. The number of participantsis limited to 35. Classroom meetings are comprised of lectures, discussions and sharing of experiences. Between meetings, five assignmentsshould be completed. The course deals with the supervisor role, student learning, and the pedagogy of supervision. Other examples include rules and regulations, local circumstances and policy, equal opportunities, power and ethics.

Course syllabus


Eva Brodin, AHU (course leader) Anders Sonesson, AHU


Language: English

Scope: Two weeks of full-time work.

Compulsory meetings: 
September 7 kl 9:15-12;00
room O104+O114
October 7 kl 9:15-12:00
room O104+M313
October 19 kl 9:15-12:00,
room O104
November 16 9:15-12:00
room O104+M313
December 1 09:15-12:00,
room O104+O114
January 24 09:00-12:00
+ 13:00-16:00,
room M313+O114+O304
January 26 13:00-16:00,
room M313+O114

Charge for admission: Lund university employees 7.800 SEK.

Participants: Limited to 35.

Teachers: Eva Brodin & Anders Sonesson.

Application: You apply no later than 9 June 2021. 

Submit your application to your faculty contact. 

Employees at the faculty of social sciences apply here.

Those who are not members of any of the faculties above apply to Lina Andersson. 


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