Teaching portfolio

Teaching portfolio is an elective course open to teachers and staff with teaching assignments at Lund University. It is offered as a support for those who want to develop an account of their pedagogical competence and merits.

The following days are scheduled:

The meeting takes either place at AHU, MNO-huset, Sölvegatan 16, Lund or in zoom (depending on the Covid-19 pandemic). 

3/5, kl 13:15-16
10/5, kl 13:15-16
25/8, kl 13:15-16

You apply no later than 27 January 2021

The number of participants is limited to 24. 

Course description


Maria Larsson

Katarina Mårtensson


Due to COVID-restrictions, AHU’s courses for this spring will be given as distance education. If the restrictions are eased, some courses or modules may be given on campus instead. Applicants will be informed on any changes.

På grund av COVID-restriktionerna är AHU:s kurser för VT21 planerade som distanskurser. Om restriktionerna lyfts kan vissa kurser eller moment komma att ges i sal istället. Information om eventuella förändringar kommer att skickas ut till alla anmälda.


Language: English

Scope: The workload on the course equals one week of full-time work (40 hrs). For doctoral students the course is evaluated to ECTS credits by your faculty.

Charge for admission: 4.200 SEK. 


Apply no later than 27 January 2021.

Submit your application to your faculty contact. 

Those who are not members of any of the faculties below apply to Lina Andersson, AHU, 046-222 39 00. 

Sidansvarig: ingrid.bosseldaluvet.luse | 2020-10-01