Teaching and learning in higher education – classroom

Teaching and learning in higher education is an introductory course that it is normally required for the subsequent Course design in higher education.

Teaching and learning in higher education is open to teachers and staff with teaching assignments at Lund University without prior training in the area. It equals two weeks of fulltime work, i.e. 80 hours that can be translated to 3 higher education credits.

The course is comprised of workshops, short lectures, discussions, reading and assignments. Apart from scheduled hours, the course includes individual work such as reading and assignments. In order to receive a course certificate, attendance and active participation in all parts of the course is required, as well as passed assignments.


Compulsory meetings:

4 May, 09:15-16:00
5 May, 09:15-16:00
9 May, 09:15-16:00
15 May, 09:15-16:00
29 May, 09:15-16:00

The meetings take place in room O104, MNO-huset, Sölvegatan 16, Lund.


Teachers: Maria Larsson, Sara Håkansson.




Language: English

Scope: The workload on the course equals two weeks of full-time work. For doctoral students the course is evaluated to ECTS credits by your faculty. 

Charge for admission: Lund University teachers: 2 weeks 7.800 SEK


Apply no later than 30 November 2022.

Submit your application to your faculty contact. 

Employees at the faculty of social sciences apply here.

Those who are not members of any of the faculties below apply to Lina Andersson, AHU, 046-222 39 00. 

The number of participants is limited to 24.

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