Division for Higher Education Development

The Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology | Lund University


AHU, the division for educational development, is an academic development unit commissioned to contribute to the development of education on all levels. We collaborate with the faculties and other educational development units within the university in offering courses on higher education pedagogy and supporting teachers. Research regarding development of higher education pedagogy is conducted at the unit. AHU also is specially commissioned to support the development of e-learning at the university and has responsibility for some systems for e-learning, including LUVIT learning management system, LU play and Adobe Connect.


Välkommen höst!

Universitetet vaknar till och studenterna kommer tillbaks. På AHU sätter höstens kurser igång. Det finns fortfarande platser kvar på några kurser: Open Networked Learning, Genus och mångfald i [...]