Language and communication

Webinar and workshop

Webinar March 4, 13:00-15:00

What can teachers do to facilitate communication in the classroom? Is teaching and research of lower quality, when English is the second language? How do we create a positive learning environment when language may be a barrier? For this webinar, John Airey, Renate Klassen and Tuula Lehtonen will give presentations, based on their research and teaching experience.

The webinar is open to the public. Registration (for webinar and follow-up workshop) is requierd and done here. A Zoom-link will be shared a few days before the event.  

Workshop March 11, 13:00-15:00

The follow-up workshop is open to staff at Lund and Malmö Universities. To register follow the link above. Participants are encouraged to bring their own teaching dilemmas and challenges. 

About the presenters

Associate professor John Airey, Stockholm and Uppsala University, see:

Dr Renate Klaassen, Delft University of Technology, see:

Dr Tuula Lehtonen, University of Helsinki, see:

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