Teaching & Learning – Extension

This course aims to provide participants the opportunity to advance their pedagogical competence in a Swedish higher education context, by developing an individual project of their choosing.

The instructional language for this course is English, though participants can submit their reports in either English or Swedish.

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The course is a self-guided project-based course for educators to advance their pedagogical skills and practices. There are no classroom meetings or group work; instead, participants undertake an individual project to explore, implement, and reflect upon various aspects of pedagogy in your teaching context. Participants can choose from a variety of project types – auscultation, investigation, implementation, and seminar – each with additional instructions and resources to support participant's individual work. It is the participant's responsibility to take initiative to effectively plan and execute a meaningful project for their own pedagogical development.

As a self-study course, it takes place entirely online. Course instruction is provided in English, though participants can submit their reports in English or Swedish.

Course Dates

The course runs from 2 September – 8 November 2024

The course is self-guided, where you'll undertake an individual project to explore, implement, and reflect upon various aspects of pedagogy in your teaching context. There are no course meetings.

Other Important Dates & Deadlines

The course project report is due 8 November 2024.

Scope & Assessment

The course is equivalent to one week of pedagogical training, amounting to 40 hours of full-time work. To receive a course certificate, course participants shall implement a course project and write a reflective summary, which demonstrates achievement of all intended learning outcomes.

If a course participant does not complete a course within specified time, all course components must be submitted within three years of commencement in order for a course certificate to be issued.

To receive a course certificate, the participant shall demonstrate an ability to:

  • Reflect upon and problematise student learning in the context of a higher education teaching and learning activity, using relevant theories and research.
  • Discuss experiences from teaching and learning using well-grounded arguments.

This course is intended for those that have already completed any introductory course in 'Teaching and Learning in Higher Education', or equivalent. 

There is no formal course literature; participants are encouraged to review relevant literature in the execution of their projects.

Who is this course for?

This course, designed for those with existing teaching assignments or responsibilites at Lund University, is ideal for those seeking an opportunity for self-paced pedagogical development.

It's especially suited for individuals that have:

  • A specific focus or project in mind for their own pedagogical development;
  • A need for additional pedagogical training, e.g., for promotion or application to the relevant faculty Pedagogical Academy;
  • Limited time to attend course meetings or coordinate group work.

The course welcomes a wide range of participants, including doctoral students, postdocs, lecturers, and programme directors, providing them with a flexible learning opportunity.

The course 'Teaching and Learning – Extension' is offered by the Division for Higher Education Development (AHU) as one of our project courses. These courses provide additional pedagogical training beyond the required five weeks by Lund University. 

Read more about our course offerings – ahu.lu.se

About the Course

Language: Instructional language is English; Participants can write their report in English or Swedish.

Scope: 1 week (40 hours)

Entry Requirements:
'Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education', or equivalent

Fee: 1 200 SEK

How to Apply

Registration is closed.

Contact Person

For questions about course administration, contact Annika Diehl. 

Annika Diehl
Education Coordinator

Course Facilitators

Steven Curtis

Karin Steen

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