Seminar on the importance of relations

Welcome to a seminar on the importance of relations: 12th of April at 15:15-17:00

Peter Felten and Leo M Lambert, both from Elon University, will join us for an online seminar, based on their book: Relationship-Rich Education: How human connections drive success in college (Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore 2020).

The purpose of the seminar is to inspire and to provide practical advice on how to build and strengthen relations within university.

The seminar is open to teachers, researchers, staff and students within Lund University.

All registered participants will get access to pre-recorded films via a Padlet before the seminar, where both authors present and discuss parts of the book and the ideas behind. Participants are encouraged to watch the films in advance and to write questions in the Padlet.

At the seminar there will be a live panel discussion with Peter Felten and Leo M Lambert, moderated by Katarina Mårtensson and Torgny Roxå from the Division for Higher Education Development ( The seminar will be interactive and there will also be discussions in small groups. 

About the authors

Peter Felten is executive director of the Center for Engaged Learning, assistant provost for teaching and learning, and professor of history at Elon University. See

Leo M Lambert is professor of education and president emeritus of Elon University. See


The seminar will be held in English, in Zoom, 15:15-17:00. It will be possible to ask questions in Swedish.

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