Course Design in Higher Education

The course aims to prepare participants for an expanded role in course design and delivery in a Swedish higher education context. This course builds on the course ‘Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education’ (or similar), open to teachers and staff with teaching assignments at Lund University.


The course enhances participants' understanding of student learning and course design, by reviewing relevant literature and research in higher education. Course content explores conditions and design choices for learning, as well as suggests various approaches to implement, evaluate, and document changes in your course design.

Specifically, participants will explore the following concepts: intended learning outcomes, teaching and learning activities, feedback, formative and summative assessment, evaluation, the role of the academic teacher, relevant laws and university regulations, as well as equality, diversity and non-discrimination. Participants are to detail the full design of a course within their own university context as well as engage in informed collegial discussions about their own teaching practice and students’ learning.

The course is comprised of workshops, short lectures, discussions, readings, and written assignments. Both face-to-face meetings and online activities are included. During the course, participants work on their own course development work, which is to be presented in a written report towards the end of the course. Participants also submit assignments, as well as review peers’ reports.

Course Dates

The course runs from 16 September – 11 December 2024.

The course facilitates the following mandatory workshops:

  • 2 October 09:15-12:00 
  • 13 November 09:15-12:00 (via Zoom)
  • 4 December 09:15-12:00

All course activities take place in Room O104 at the MNO Building (Sölvegatan 16), unless otherwise stated.

Other Important Dates & Deadlines

  • 16 October: Deadline - Submission from Seminar I
  • 6 November: Deadline - Submission from Seminar II
  • 20 November: Deadline - Submission from Seminar III
  • 27 November: Deadline - Submission of Project Report – First Version
  • 27 November - 4 December: Peer review of Project Report – First Version
  • 11 December: Deadline - Submission of Project Report – Final Version

Scope & Assessment

The course is equivalent to three weeks of pedagogical training, amounting to 120 hours of full-time work. To receive a certificate, course participants shall demonstrate achievement of the intended learning outcomes by:

  • Writing a report on their suggestions for development of a new or existing university course, which meets the assessment criteria.
  • Attending and participating in all mandatory workshops and seminars.
  • Submitting individual assignments.

Note: The first workshop is foundational to your progression throughout the course. Your presence is essential as it facilitates a shared understanding of course objectives, pedagogical approaches, and the formation of a learning community. While absence at the other workshops can be supplemented by a written make-up assignment, non-attendance in the first workshop will necessitate your enrolment in a subsequent iteration of the course.

If a participant does not complete a course within the specified time, all course components must be submitted within three years of commencement in order to receive a course certificate.

To receive a course certificate, the participant shall demonstrate an ability to:

  • Discuss and problematize student learning in the context of a higher education course or program, using relevant theories and research.
  • Design teaching and learning activities, assessment tasks and evaluation related to course objectives and focusing student learning.
  • Reflect on physical and digital learning environments in relation to student and student group learning.
  • Design courses that allow for inclusive participation.
  • Analyse and communicate relevant experiences and research as a basis for development of education and academic teaching.
  • Contribute to scholarly discussions on educational matters within the participant’s department.

Completion of the introductory course ‘Teaching and Learning in Higher Education’, or equivalent.

The selected course book is Academic Teaching by Elmgren & Henriksson (2018).

Elmgren, M., & Henriksson, A.-S. (2018). Academic teaching (2nd Edition). Studentlitteratur.

A physical copy will be mailed to the participant's service point at least one week prior to the start of the course. A list of literature is provided at least eight weeks prior to the start of the course; all literature is accessible on Canvas. Participants are also asked to find relevant literature for their individual projects.

Who is this course for?

The course serves as a continuation of the participants’ pedagogical development for teachers with an existing or future teaching assignment at Lund University.

This course is suitable for anyone:

  • Who wishes to develop their pedagogical practice.
  • Who wishes (or is expected) to be a course coordinator.
  • Who desires a blended teaching format, with classroom, online, and asynchronous work.
  • Who wishes to qualify for a teaching position at Lund University.


The course ‘Course Design in Higher Education’ is offered by the Division for Higher Education Development (AHU) as the second course of two, which together comprise the five weeks of compulsory qualified teacher training for a teaching position at Lund University.

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Course participants completing this course may wish to continue with any of our thematic or project courses.

About the Course

Language: English

Scope: 3 weeks (120 hours)

Entry Requirements:
'Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education', or equivalent

Fee: 9 900 SEK

How to Apply

Registration is closed.

Contact Person

For questions about course administration, contact Annika Diehl. 

Annika Diehl
Education Coordinator

Course Facilitators

Marita Ljungqvist

Johanna Bergqvist Rydén

Course Location

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