With our focus on higher education development, we aim to provide training opportunities for educators at Lund University to advance their pedagogical competence, as well as create venues to foster a teaching community.

Our courses are designed to be authentic, interactiveand reflective, grounded in the latest pedagogical literature and theory. Course content and curriculum is built upon the recommendations provided by the Association of Swedish Higher Education (SUHF). Our courses are offered in a variety of formats in both English and Swedish.

We offer the following types of courses:

Introduction Course

Introduction to Teaching & Learning in Higher Education

This course provides an essential foundation in pedagogical principles and practices within the Swedish higher education context, catering to teachers across the University. The course is held in various formats (e.g. classroom, blended, online) in both English & Swedish.

2 weeks (80 hours)

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Continuation Course

Course Design in Higher Education

This course is an advance-level pedagogical training course for those having completed the Introduction course, specifically focusing on advancing participants' knowledge, skills, and understanding pertaining to effective, student-centered course design. Offered in both English and Swedish.

3 Weeks (120 hours)

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Thematic Courses

We offer several thematic courses, where course participants advance or reinforce their pedagogical competence. Below are the courses offered in English; visit the Swedish page to view the courses offered in Swedish.

Active Learning in Social Sciences

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Doctoral Supervision

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Integrating Sustainability Competencies in Curriculum

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Open Networked Learning

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Teaching Portfolio

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Project Courses

Participants can choose to conduct an individual or group project equivalent to 1 week or 3 weeks of pedagogical development.

Teaching and Learning – Extension

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The Introduction and Continuation courses should be taken sequentially. Together, they make up five weeks of teacher training, which is commonly expected for teaching positions or promotions at Lund Univeristy. Each Faculty or Department may require additional training up to ten weeks or more. 

We offer additional Thematic and Project courses for teachers to advance their pedagogical development. Those interested may select the courses that cater to their needs or interests, though these courses may require previous pedagogical coursework.

Schematic of course progression. Figure.

How to Apply

We invite you to register online via the corresponding link on each course page. 

The deadline to register for our Fall 2024 courses is 15 May 2024

Contact Person

For questions about course administration, contact Annika Diehl. 

Annika Diehl
Education Coordinator

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