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AHU, the division for educational development, is an academic development unit commissioned to contribute to the development of education on all levels. Research regarding development of higher education pedagogy is conducted at the unit.

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Drop-in for help with Zoom!

Learn more about teaching/meeting via Zoom! Basic course and advanced course about how to make Zoom sessions more interactive!

New at AHU: Workshop Course Design!

AHU (Division for Higher Education Development) offers workshops on course design (via Zoom) as a support to adapt your campus course to an online version. These workshops are free of charge. The workshops are in Swedish, but can be held in English if need be. For mroe info and dates, see Calendar.

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Get started with video!

Upcoming seminars

On the 15th of December it is time for the next seminar in our series Digitalization of education: Premises, promises and consequences.

Welcome to the video studio!

E-meetings in Zoom