Jonathan Nästesjö, New Columnist for Curie

By Caroline Cabot - Published 29 April 2024
[Translate to English:] Jonatan Nästesjö
[Translate to English:] Foto: Sean Benesh, Curie/Unsplash

This spring, Jonathan Nästesjö defended his dissertation titled "Uncertainty, Worth, Identity: How Early Career Academics Navigate Evaluative Landscapes" at the Department of Education Sciences. He is now a new columnist for the magazine Curie.

Jonathan Nästesjö's research focuses on academic careers, specifically examining the interaction between how academic work is evaluated and valued in different contexts, and how young researchers learn to work, live, and produce knowledge. We congratulate him on his role as a columnist for Curie, an online magazine covering research conditions and current research issues.

What do you plan to write about?
I have two main themes in mind. On one hand, I will explore the conditions and evaluation processes for young researchers within academia. On the other hand, as a recent doctoral graduate, I want to take the opportunity to reflect on my doctoral education and write about academic work more broadly. How can we understand what a doctoral education entails? And what is the best advice I've received as a doctoral student? Those who read will find out.

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