New seminar series on Teaching for Sustainability

By Caroline Cabot - Published 26 September 2023
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Are you an educator grappling with how to navigate the complexities of sustainability in your teaching? Discover practical solutions and personal insights in our upcoming seminars on Teaching for Sustainability, tailored to empower you in the classroom.

In line with Lund University's Education Strategy 2023-2024 – which aims to foster innovative, digital, and sustainable education – we are excited to unveil a series of seminars that delve into the practicalities of ‘Teaching for Sustainability’.

These seminars aim to go beyond traditional academic boundaries by offering tangible tools and insights for educators. As we prepare our students to face the grand challenges of tomorrow, integrating sustainability into all disciplines becomes not just an option but an enriching educational imperative. These seminars offer actionable insights and methodologies to integrate sustainability into your teaching practices.

Teaching for Sustainability – Planned Seminars Fall 2023

We welcome all those involved in education at Lund University to attend the planned seminars. To secure your spot, please register using the links provided below.

Climate Anxiety and Eco-Emotions

27th September 2023, 9:30 to 12:00

Universities play a pivotal role in addressing the sustainability crises we face, for example, by providing students with knowledge, skills, and experiences to solve real-world problems. Thus, educators share content and discuss the seriousness of our sustainability crises, but may feel uncomfortable providing support to deal with the emotional responses that may arise. During the seminar, we will discuss specific pedagogical approaches to manage classroom dynamics and student emotions, resulting from information shared in the classroom or news from outside the classroom.

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Supervising Interdisciplinary Theses

12th October 2023, 13:15 to 15:30

The relationship between supervisor and student is sacred – paving the way for a good outcome regarding time, effort, enjoyment, contribution, and learning for all involved. In this seminar, we explore various approaches that will enhance interaction with a student embarking on an interdisciplinary thesis: integrating disciplinary knowledge and methods; setting knowledge and project boundaries; dealing with complexity; fostering effective communication and collaboration techniques; implementing co-supervision or peer supervision.

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Serious Games as a Pedagogical Approach

21st November 2023, 10:15 to 12:00

We'll explore simulations and serious games as one pedagogical approach to prepare students to tackle the complexity of sustainability challenges while creating a supportive and inclusive environment to explore real-world problems. We'll demonstrate various serious games, including the Climate Fresk and Biodiversity Collage among others, which can be adapted to any course or content (e.g. with a focus on content acquisition and skills development).

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Why Teaching for Sustainability?

As we face unprecedented challenges that require innovative solutions, the role of education in fostering sustainability has never been more pivotal. These seminars are not just for educators but also for programme directors, study administrators, and anyone invested in shaping the future through education – or interested in learning more about it. They offer a platform to discuss, learn, and share best practices in education for sustainability.

This initiative is a collaborative effort involving the Division for Higher Education Development (AHU), Lund University's Sustainability Forum, and the LTH Centre for Engineering Education (CEE).