Scholarship for Ylva Hamnell-Pamment

By Caroline Cabit - Published 15 August 2023
[Translate to English:] Ylva Hamnell-Pamment tar emot sitt stipendium under en ceremoni

Receiving professional development in chemistry education from universities is something many chemistry teachers are eager for. However, time is scarce and the work situation is demanding. That's why Ylva Hamnell-Pamment, a doctoral candidate at the Department of Education, has been awarded one of the Sten K Johnson Scholarships in the education category for 2023. She aims to create informative short films that encapsulate the essence of chemistry education.

Congratulations, Ylva Hamnell-Pamment! How did you come up with this idea?


Chemistry teachers today find themselves desiring more professional development from universities in the field of chemistry education. Yet, they face tight schedules and demanding work situations. There are articles to read and prepared materials to delve into online, but that requires an investment of time – something that's often in short supply. These video clips are intended as an alternative form of education or professional development, where various aspects of research in chemistry education are succinctly presented in around seven minutes. The intention is to make it easier for chemistry educators and teaching students to incorporate research into their instructional planning.

Why did you choose short films as the format to convey the didactics of chemistry? 


Personally, I struggle to find time in my daily life and I listen to YouTube and podcasts quite a bit. For me, this form of listening is an extra way to learn more about my surroundings, such as while driving or going for a walk. It's not just about listening – digital media is often light-hearted and easily accessible, explaining things that I might not understand otherwise. It occurred to me that teachers, facing demanding work situations, would likely appreciate having this kind of flexible media available for professional development.

What are you looking forward to in this project?


Meeting teachers in the field and engaging in conversations with them about which aspects of chemistry education they're most interested in learning more about. This type of communication is crucial, and unfortunately, it's often lacking. Bridging the gap between theory and practice is very important to me, which also aligns with the focus of my upcoming dissertation.

The films are planned to be recorded during the spring semester and should be ready by the summer of 2024.