The international classroom

Webinars and online workshops 

In spring 2022, AHU will offer a series of webinars and online workshops on teaching in the international classroom. The themes are:

  1. The international student 
  2. Language and communication
  3. Insiders and outsiders in the classroom

The first theme will be addressed in a webinar on January 21 (13:00-15:00) followed by a workshop on January 28 (13:00-15:00). Webinars and workshops on themes two and three will take place in March and April (to be announced). 

Webinars are open to the public and are comprised of two to three presentations from invited speakers followed by questions and discussions. One week later, each lecture is supplemented with an interactive workshop, open to staff at Lund and Malmö universities only. Here, participants will be able to share experiences and practice and discuss challenges and opportunities related to the theme. Different participatory methods will be used in the workshops to enhance the interaction and to provide inspiration. 

The main target group is teachers on international programs or courses, program directors, staff working on internationalisation, and teachers who teach Swedish. 

Webinars are open to all, while the workshops are limited to staff from Lund and Malmö universities. Links for registration can be found for each theme. Zoom-links will be send a few days before the webinar/workshop. 

HE teaching and learning course credits 
Teachers from Lund and Malmö universities can supplement their participation in webinars and workshops with individual papers, and through this be awarded course credits (HE teaching and learning credits/weeks). Those who are interested in this option should state this upon registration. Papers by Lund teachers will be assessed by AHU and papers by Malmö teachers by CAKL

Sidansvarig: caroline.cabotuvet.luse | 2022-08-23